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Toronto…DJ LIFE! Battles!!!

So this past week was a couple of DJ competitions in Toronto. First on Wednesday September 25, there was the Canadian National DMC’s. For those of you who don’t know what the DMC’s are all about, check:

Congrats to: on successfully defending his Canadian DMC champion title, and securing his 3rd title as Canadian DMC champion. His skills and work ethic speaks for itself! Congratulations to all the other competitors who put their names out there, and put up their sets to really demonstrate how much skills Canadian turntablists have!

On Thursday night was the Red Bull Thre3Style Competition, Toronto regionals. The place was packed, and people were ready to take in some DJs!!! It was a very interesting competition. While I thought some DJ’s sounded very synonymous, others really stood out. It was very interesting to see various DJs takes on everything from mixing, to tone play, turntablism, scratching, etc. I did enjoy all of the sets, and took what I could from them. I would like to congratulate: for taking the 2013 Toronto Red Bull Thre3Style Champion title. His set was amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed what he had to offer.  Congrats to all the other competitors who showed that this city is full of talent!!



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Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by DJ Xplisit No Comments
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